Why Choose Us?

Why you will love us

Why should I choose 4Session over Google Analytics or other providers?

4Session is for you if you care about your and your users' privacy and data, and disagree with how other providers use your data for advertising purposes. You'll love 4Session if you want a product with advanced features beautifully presented in a simple and elegant way.

Our service not only comes with visitors analytics, it also comes with Session recordings and event recordings which track the movement of your visitors, and many more features.

Compare 4Session to other providers:

Provider Plan
Hotjar.com Starting at $89/month
livesession.io Startiing at $99/month
Fullstory.com Starting at $199/month

Starting at $5.85/month
Always Free for 1 site

As a responsible provider, we have taken all the steps to build this product GDPR ready.

Most Cookie scripts nowadays can block all the tracking codes until the visitor has accepted them. 4Session already respects DNT (DoNotTrack) by default and has Opt-Out capabilities for your visitors to opt-out of tracking. Read more about user privacy here.

Last updated on: 18 March, 2021