Feature Explanation

If you manage multiple Websites or just one, our Teams feature can come in handy for when you want to give access to your website analytics to others. You can easily create a Team for each of your Websites and invite members by e-mail.

Please note that Team members will be able to access all metrics of the website they're assigned to, but they will not be able to manage the website account itself.

To create a Team:

1) Click Create a Team on the top right

2) Name the Team and choose which Websites your team can access

3) Click Submit.


To invite a Team Member:

1) Click on the Team you want to invite somebody to

2) Click Invite Member

3) Enter their e-mail address

4) Click Submit


To remove a Team Member:

1) Click on the Team you want to remove somebody from

2) Find the Member you want to remove

3) Choose Delete and click Delete again to confirm

Last updated on: 18 March, 2021