Heatmaps (BETA)

Feature Explanation

Heatmaps is an amazing tool to track clicks on your site and see where your users click on the most. Ideal for A/B and new feature testing, or to simply understand how your users perceive your site.

Create a Heatmap in a few simple steps:

1) Click Create a Heatmap on the top right,

2) Name your Heatmap and type in the page of your site that you want Heatmapped

3) Click Submit and you're done!

The first users who open your site on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile views will provide snapshots of your site and other visitors will continuously provide information for the Heatmap itself. To reset a Heatmap, just open it, click the menu icon next to the Heatmap's name and click Retake Snapshots.

Last updated on: 18 March, 2021